This is a truly breathtaking and one-of-a-kind trip in Mauritius. Would you like us to share with you the secrets of this mystical mountain, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site? So, join us for a trip along these rustic pathways and stand ready to be stunned by the incredible beauty, the forest views and the ocean panorama as you overlook the turquoise lagoons of the west coast.

The walk will take you from sea level to the very pinnacle of Le Morne Brabant, 515m above sea level, ending at the Croix des Esclaves (literally the ‘Cross of Slaves’), a monument erected to pay tribute to the memory of slaves in Mauritius, in particular those slaves who died on this very mountain.

During this hike you will discover the magnificent scenery and picturesque views of the lagoons along the west coast of Mauritius. We have no single doubt that these will be more than enough to leave you speechless.

For the first 250 m, you’ll be in for an easy walk along a wide path surrounded by dense vegetation. Our knowledgeable and highly experimented guide will stop every now and then to tell you about the history of the mountain and the plants that grow there.

The next 150 m are a little trickier, as the path gets steeper and narrower, but as you reach the last 100m or so, you’ll enjoy the most striking views on the mountain. Even though the terrain becomes slightly more challenging, we do encourage you to make the scramble up these last 100 m, along the course of an old waterfall. Mindful of your comfort and security, our guides will show you the easiest path all through the walk along these strenuous paths. On reaching the mountain summit, you’ll be truly amazed by the magnificent viewpoints overlooking the west coast and the sense of achievement, a reward that is simply priceless and that comes close to no other feeling.

What we aspire the most is to give you the chance to experience the authenticity and uniqueness of this walk.

It will be our pleasure to guide you and help you discover the astonishing history and spectacular scenery of this place.


Level: Medium

Departure: 06h15 in Summer (Nov-April), 06h45 in Winter (May-Oct)

Duration: Approximately 4 hours 15 minutes

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Bring along: We advise you to wear comfortable light clothes, hiking shoes or trainers with a good grip, sun cream, mosquito repellent and a hat.  We provide a small bottle of water (half liter per person) and a small snack.



Adults: Rs 1,200 (circa € 30 )

Children (8+): Rs 800 (circa € 22)

Mauritians and local residents are kindly requested to contact us for our local rates.

If you stay in LUX* Le Morne, the excursion days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.