Local Spirit is, for us, a vessel through which we can offer you a journey of local and authentic discovery, where you can sample the taste, sights and sounds of Mauritius, as it is meant to be. Not only this but each and every one of our adventures is unique to the last.

We believe in sharing the knowledge and culture of a typical Mauritian village, called Le Morne, with you. Local Spirit tries to encapsulate the true heart and soul of Mauritius, through its history and culture, its incredible array of flora and, of course, its stunning landscapes.

We hope that each of you will be inspired by the chance to ‘reveal’ and share in a part of our island. We know that Mauritius has so much to offer and hope that its natural charm and beauty will seduce you, as it has us.

Our team of guides, lead by Allan, will allow you the chance to experience a hike in the wild, rugged beauty of Le Morne Mountain. Allan grew up around this mountain, learning its secrets from his grandfather, who imbued in his heart a real love and connection. Allan to this day exalts in his cultural heritage. He gained knowledge about the many medicinal plants that flourish here and the mountain’s historical significance; a significance that is directly connected to his ancestors and the other residences of the village. They are truly linked to this mountain and its history.

During the course of each hike, our guide will explain to you and share with you the secrets of the plants, tales of day-to-day life, here, in Mauritius, a little about the history of Le Morne and its importance within our culture.

Ultimately we offer you authentic moments provided by real people.