The Wild Garden Hike is one we recommend for those of you who are truly passionate about nature, horticulture and/or botany. Not too taxing physically, this walk will stir up your mind, and its magnificent and boundless vistas will leave you in amazement throughout. A fun and enlightening adventure in every sense of the word!

Enjoy the lush mountain scenery and discover both our endemic plants and those plants brought here during the colonial periods. Our guide will enlighten you by sharing with you some of the anecdotes and myths about this mountain and its flora.

Thanks to a broad path that winds its way up to the plateau, you will be able to walk easily through the savannah-like landscape.

As you tread along, a series of stunning views will present themselves to you, revealing our magnificent lagoons, Ile aux Bénitiers and the west coast of Mauritius.

Having grown up in the vicinity of Le Morne mountain and being passionate about his job, our guide feels a strong connection with the mountain. His grandfather has imparted to him the many secrets around him and in which he basks. For this reason, he feels a real love and an ever-growing attachment with this exceptional place. All along the climb, our guide will stop at intervals to talk about the history, flora and fauna of this special place and make you feel imbued by the magic of this unavoidable site.

Come and join us on our Wild Garden Hike and let us share with you a few secrets about Mauritius.


Level: Easy

Departure: 07h30

Duration: 3 hours

Day: Thursday

Bring along: We advise to take with you: sun cream, water, mosquito repellent, appropriate footwear and a hat.  We provide a small bottle of water (half liter per person) and a small snack.



Adults: Rs 1,200 (circa € 30 )

Children (8+): Rs 800 (circa € 22)

Mauritians and local residents are kindly requested to contact us for our local rates